Come, follow me.

I want you to follow me on my grand adventure.

Come, follow me!

We are going to explore anything and everything that catches our eyes.  We are going to peer into the glitz,

Art Institute (47 of 67)

And sometimes, we might even fall into the pits.


We will look up to the tall,

Nature (57 of 51).jpg

And down on the small.

Nature (34 of 6)

With the two pillars of the world, we will try to squeeze-in;

Some time for Faith,

And a little bit for reason.

But, this will not be all study and no play.

Art Institute (32 of 67)

We will have to be very brave,


To bust out of the concrete grave,


and we might even learn how to shave.

Art Institute (30 of 67).jpg

But enough of this ideal prattle,

Art Institute (29 of 67) Are we lions or are we cattle?

…I want to be the lion.

Let’s sound the horns and charge off into battle.

Art Institute (24 of 67).jpg

Here at Wandering-Pondering, you will never have to worry if it is real?

Art Institute (10 of 67)

Or is it fake?

Art Institute (49 of 67)

Because we will always give you our true take.

Those are real geisha ↑

Whenever life is getting you down,


Take a load off, have a drink, and sit down,


and read another blog of the man who travels around.



My name is Levi Whitworth, and I love to travel, learn, and taste all that I can squeeze out of life.  I did not find what my passion was until I was 37 years old.   I will share this new wanderlust with you as I grow in photographic ability.  We will eat, drink, and photograph our way across this interesting life we have.

Vini, Vidi, Didici!

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